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Welcome, I am Dr. Melissa Howe, RN. (in-active), ND., Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine & Advanced Bowen Practitioner. I have over 28 YEARS experience in the health care profession, and am eager to HELP YOU to achieve LONG LASTING solutions to your health care concerns! I help people of all ages and stages in life with acute, chronic and preventative health care that addresses the WHOLE person! Please stay and have a look around this informative website. 

  • Would you like to prevent serious illness(es) before they start?

  • Do you desire to get to the root or cause of your illness or dis-ease?

  • Do you understand that your body's symptoms are its' way of letting you know that it needs help and that it's important to listened to them rather than supress them with medications? 

  • Are you willing to take charge and responsibility for your own health?

  • Would you like to be unconditionally supported, educated and guided, so that you may be knowledgable, empowered, healthy and more vibrant?

If so, then it would be my honour to work with you. Together, we will discover the underlying cause(s) of your symptoms and apply the best custom restorative naturopathic care for you, based on centuries old, tried, tested and true, as well as scientifically validated therapies. For more on therapies offered see Naturopathic Medicine or Additional Naturopathic Services

Start Feeling Better Now!

Some of the MANY symptoms I have helped people with include:

♦ Fatigue

♦ Poor Sleep

♦ Chronic Pain

♦ Chronic Stress

♦ Poor Digestion

♦ Chronic Infections
♦Hormonal Imbalances

Thanks to your support, I was awarded GOLD for the 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Naturopathic Doctor in Flamborough/ Waterdown. Thank you so much for your continued support! 

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Please note that due to COVID-19, appointments for Naturopathic care are being very successfully and safely provided to you via your choice of Tele-medicine or secure Web-medicine and only in person if this is not possible or practical. Hands-on Treatments are available with extra safety precautions. Please see the Booking link to find a time that is best for you.


 "Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."

- Hippocrates  

White Pines Naturopathic Clinic

Waterdown – Ontario – Canada



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