Carrot Cake/Muffins with Nut Flour

1 ½ cups nut flour
1 ½ cups finely shredded carrots
¾ cup honey
½ raisins
½ cup walnut
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ cup butter
2 eggs
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch salt
1 teaspoon vanilla

Add honey and eggs to softened butter and blend.
Blend nut flour, soda, salt, cinnamon and vanilla.
Add carrots, raisins and nuts.
This cake has a tendency to overflow; therefore, use a large baking pan. A one-quart /1 litre loaf pan lined with greased waxed paper is satisfactory.
Bake at 350*F / 180*C for 45-60 minutes. If it is in cupcake/muffin tins, bake for 20-30 minutes.
This recipe can be used to make carrot pudding by decreasing the amount of almond flour. I often make the recipe with 1/2 the nut flour and half rice or light spelt flour for a lighter muffin.

From Breaking the Viscious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall B.A., M.Sc.